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The Division of Molecular Pathology is dedicated to the provision of high quality molecular diagnostic services in infectious diseases, molecular oncology and genetic disorders.

Services & Facilities
  • Quantification of EBV and HBV DNA, detection of HPV DNA and molecular diagnosis of TB infections are provided.
  • A high throughput automated genetic analyser system handles sequencing and mutation detection work, which is applicable to viral genotyping, tuberculosis drug resistance investigation, bacterial culture identification, HBV mutant detection and genetic markers of cancer analysis.
  • An automated cytogenetics and fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) workstation performs genetic amplification study and rapid aneuploidy screening for high-risk pregnancy.
  • These two instruments, together with the thermocycler and real time quantitative PCR system already installed, facilitate test development to meet the increasing demands for molecular testing in clinical practice.