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The Histopathology Division is dedicated to the provision of high quality diagnostic services in histopathology, cytology and surgical pathology (frozen sectioning) to clinicians. It has gained accreditation status from the UK. Also, 80% of the technical staff members of the Division have gained, or are in the processing of studying for, a Master’s degree in relevant disciplines. This high academic standard allows accurate and efficient processing of specimens sent to the Division, both from within the Hospital and from other hospitals and clinics.

State-of-the-art equipment ensures the level of consistency required for producing quality blocks and slides to assist our experienced Consultant Pathologists in making diagnoses. Our armamentarium includes:
  • A fully automated tissue processor
  • An automatic multi-tasking slide stainer
  • Two motorised cryotomes for frozen sectioning
  • A microwave tissue processor capable of quick processing and for use in immunohistochemical staining

Education & Training
We have been providing local medical students with valuable learning experience during their attachment. Student nurses are taught the theories behind our work, and undergraduates of medicine and biomedical science benefit significantly from our summer placement programmes.